What a dream a life that doesn’t need medication. Well it’s a pity mine does but the doctor at the hospital has carelessly cut me off from my medication. I do not know how I will cope. I’m barely coping with it. I feel like giving that doctor some nerve damage. See if he goes asking for medication and help only to be rejected. It’s not a good feeling to know theres no help(or maybe i ment hope) for a young person with trigeminal neuralgia. I have to live. I have too many mates and family to kill myself. If only just to satisfy they’re need to have me in they’re lives. Does this make sense? yeah I know all this should be on my other site. It’s just this ones a bit more anon. Thanks for dropping by for a read. I don’t intend for this blog to make people feel happy or sad but just to hear me out. But please don’t just take away the sad pieces. I have happy times too. Just not a lot lately.