I have a specialist doctor who is suppose to be managing my pain. He said I can’t use pain killers for it anymore because I’m too young and they wont work. So he called the authorities in Canberra to stop my meds. But over the last six months the pain was not as bad with the pain killers. Now he’s taken me off them and said he didn’t. Which is a straight out lie. He said the Lyrica Im taking will rebuild nerve fibers but there is no documentation of this. My partner was with me and said “so It rebuilds the fibers?” Dr ****** said “yes”… Yet another Lie.

My local doctors told me I have been let down by the system. I think Im being let down by my pain doctor. I’m thinking of making a complaint but I feel bad because Its a public hospital run by tax payers money. The hospital doesn’t deserve a bad rep only that doctor. Next time I see him I will be telling him I’m making a complaint. See how it goes hey.