The reason is because I’m SAD the blunt truth is the recent passing of my friend It has sparked f the loss of so many young souls in the last few years. KIWI if I could say goodnight boy I love you I would’ve done anything to stay up with you the night before surgery and the tsunami what happened? Why? you were 18. Thats just not fair. I wish I could’ve told you there was an earthquake I wish none of this had ever happened. I really miss you and love you Kiwi. I think about you all the time. I think about the fact I didn’t contact you back after the last words you wrote to me. ‘Goodnight girl’ those words will ring in my head forever you were a beautiful person with the right intentions. I will get that headspin proper the way you always wanted and I will see you in my dreams. I listen to your music all the time on my mp3 and need you like you needed me. You won the battle I am so proud of you. Where are you?
Goodnight boy,
see you soon I promise xxxoooxxx